Our FlexNetTM Technical Support concept is flexible and designed to enable you to use our time as you wish. Our approach allows you to “bank” hours not used in any given month, or to “borrow” hours from future months within the term of your agreement. You have control over how our time is spent.

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With FlexNet™ you receive:

  • Priority response to technology issues
  • Incrementally reduced hourly rates
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Link on our website (if desired)
  • Available online maintenance request form
  • After hours emergency contact numbers

As part of the FlexNet™ agreement we offer Scheduled Technology Management:

  • Monitor disk space
  • Monitor available physical memory
  • Review event logs on servers and workstations
  • Review firewall logs
  • Review critical services
  • Review back-up logs
  • Review security logs
  • General maintenance (fans, UPS, switches, LED’s, etc.)
  • Quarterly Reports. This allows us to be your proactive technology partner—to stay abreast of your technology.

As ongoing support to you and your business we can take responsibility for other services as part of our ongoing commitment to you as your proactive business partner. We do this to allow you time to focus on your business while ensuring that your technology is meeting those business needs.

These services range from: installing critical updates to evaluating sound security policies, physical cleaning of equipment to strategic planning, test restores of data to monitoring of tape rotation and backup. We can perform these in their entirety for you or you can pick and choose services desired to assist you in keeping your technology environment running optimally.

Our commitment is to provide loyal, top quality, professional service to your organization!!